Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Urban Fauna April 29, 2009

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In the city of Seattle, we are pretty much accustomed to co-existing with creatures great and small, wild and tame. In the course of a single day, it’s unremarkable to see a wide variety of birds, insects, marsupials and rodents, as well as the usual variety of domestic pets.

It’s easy to get a bit jaded when there are eagles and herons close by and hummingbirds buzzing around the backyard on a daily basis. So you walk around and see these

Squirrel looking for acorns in spring

and some of these

City chickens free-ranging

evidence of moles unseen


hilariously wide cat posing in front of restored door

Big kitty and beautiful door

Nothing too out of the ordinary. But then, on a drive to see friends in the southern part of town but still within city limits, something a little different:

Cow in the city?!

Huh?! I know that Seattle just made it legal to own pygmy goats, but I hadn’t heard about cows! Turns out this is a family farm that has been passed down through generations and is one of two remaining designated farm plots in the city. I guess that’s one way to rid your grass of dandelions! Wonder if it makes the milk taste funky?

What’s the most unusual creature you ever saw in a city?