Gardening where the sidewalk ends

PlanTV December 19, 2009

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This post on nestmaker made me start looking more closely at plant images in feature films and TV that we watch. Hope I am not breaking too many copyright laws here, and sorry for the poor-quality images.

Disney’s “Jungle Book” is full of tropical flora. Whether or not it is accurately rendered, that’s for someone more in the know to judge, but I enjoyed it and did see in the credits that there were certain animators who worked specifically on the backgrounds.

The titular jungle:

'Jungle Book' jungle

Little Mowgli all tucked in snugly by his friend Balou the bear in an understory plant:

Mowgli asleep in a plant

Grouchy but protective panther Bagheera and Mowgli asleep in a tree (can you tell we have the smallest TV on the planet, outside of a handheld?):

Bagheera and Mowgli asleep in a tree

And finally, Coach’s wife on “Friday Night Lights” chatting on the phone while taking a pot of aloes outside:

Coach's wife with aloe plant

What are your favorite guest-starring appearances for plants on film?