Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Pansy ‘Ultima Morpho’ August 25, 2008

My mom raised a bunch of Ultima Morpho pansies from seed one year and gave me some. They have kept coming back for years, true to type, their cheerful little faces providing bright spots in the spring and again in late summer and fall.

'Ultima Morpho' Pansy

My favorite kind of annual, the self-seeding, no-care kind!

Extra bonus – they’re edible, a cute addition to salads or a garnish for goat cheese or cupcakes.


Towering Tomatoes

Man, there are some really tall tomatoes growing in the parking strip gardens of our neighborhood! Not sure if it’s the wonky summer Seattle’s been having (cooler and rainier than usual), or just the variety. Even though the scale is a kneeling 5 year old and they’re in a raised bed, I’d still say these guys were at least 6-footers.

Peeking under the tall tomatoes

They took up an entire raised planter bed on the street and really looked like some kind of fairy-tale forest. I hope the fruit ripens, it must be a lot of work to stake, cage or otherwise contain such monsters!