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Moving Up June 19, 2009

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It seems like it was about two weeks ago that I wrote this micro-post about sending my only child off to kindergarten. I’m not too sure where the ensuring 10 months went – some was spent here, avoiding other tasks and looming unfinished projects. It was always more fun to think about the plants in my own garden, those around town that I saw here in Seattle, and to read about everything you folks have been up to all over the world and to exchange ideas through comments.

Some things went smoothly for my daughter this year, others will continue to be a challenge. She has some brain differences and although she is undeniably smart, funny, observant and creative, her sensory, social and flexibility issues make “doing school” pretty exhausting for her (and, in its aftermath, for me).

It’s easy for me to get caught up in the negatives but I just want to take a non-garden-related second to congratulate my baby for her achievements this year – making new friends, learning to write, studying in-depth about green sea urchins, figuring out how to navigate in the noisy hallways, going on a few field trips without mom, always participating in games during PE, sharing a locker, and many many more things that seemed impossible at the beginning of the year.

Congratulations to all graduates and their families. Hope the transition to the next phase of school, work or life goes fabulously!

Girl in stump

(I may be here in blogland pretty sporadically until September – my small amounts of very precious free time will likely be spent in the actual garden. Happy Summer Solstice to everyone, and may your gardens grow well this season.)